Patio Cleaning Sutton

Patio CleaningJust when you thought your home was clean and neat from top to bottom, you cast eyes on your patio and realise that weather exposure and a bunch of other issues have left this otherwise stylish property feature looking worse for wear and in need of some serious cleaning. Adverse weather conditions and contact with different household or garage chemicals can stain the patio quite heavily and make the cleaning process a real tedious and time consuming hassle. The elements will cause the patio to fade or change hue, some materials are better at resisting Mother Nature, but it is just a matter of time before mould and funguses start to show their negative effects on the patio. Common household chemicals like bleach or certain cooking oils can also stain or cause discolouration. Many times, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and other fuel powered garden equipment can drip oil, fuel or coolant on the patio and cause nasty stains, almost impossible to remove.
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